Life on the Water
ARKUP – Livable Yacht

Explore your first floating home. There is no better lifestyle than this. Imagine an ultimate, year-round, oceanfront view, as well as the unique experience of being at the forefront of the latest “zero-emission” initiatives and technological advancements. House Yacht Living allows you to say “no” to property taxes, HOA fees, and of course, to live in absence of city laws. This is the premiere option to lead a remarkable life as an independent explorer. In other words, your house, your rules, wherever you see yourself living or vacationing, while protecting the natural world.

The Vision

Enjoy the expandable 500 sq. ft. terrace and over-sized, high-end, loft style living room with avant-garde home automation technologies. The ARKUP is completely stable when lifted up on its 4 hydraulic spuds. These act as protection from the effects of waves, tropical winds, and category 4 hurricane turbulence. Arkup livable yachts have systems for rainwater harvesting, water purification, and waste management. In addition, solar panels are the source of all electrical needs. Therefore, you will be entirely “off-grid”. The awe-inspiring vessel is akin to that of a James Bond hideout. Choose comfort and grandeur in total autonomy while you take pleasure in life between the sea, the sky and the city.

1 ARKUP Facts

Price From:

$4,500,000- $6,000,000

fiber_manual_record Price From $4,500,000- $6,000,000
Address fiber_manual_record 881 NW 13th Ave, Miami, FL 33125, USA
Developer fiber_manual_record ARKUP, LLC
Architect fiber_manual_record Waterstudio & Donald L. Blound & Ass.
Interior Design fiber_manual_record Waterstudio & Donald L. Blound & Ass.
Number of Units fiber_manual_record 6 units
Numbers of Floors fiber_manual_record 2 stories
Size Range fiber_manual_record From 4,350 ft² - 6,500 ft²
Price Range P/SF fiber_manual_record From $1,034 ft² - $923 ft²

Deposit Schedule

fiber_manual_record 20% Deposit
fiber_manual_record 40% After 6 Month
fiber_manual_record 40% At closing

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1 ARKUP Amenities

Highlighted Condo Features

fiber_manual_record Overall length (excl. boat lift) 75 ft (23m)
fiber_manual_record Overall beam (excl. sliding deck) 32 ft (10m)
fiber_manual_record 5 ft draft (1.4m)
fiber_manual_record 30 ft air draft (9 m)
fiber_manual_record 300 Tons displacement
fiber_manual_record 4x 40 ft-long steel spuds (customizable on demand)
fiber_manual_record Semi-automated self-elevating operating system
fiber_manual_record 2,300 sq ft solar panels (215 m²)
fiber_manual_record 4,350 sq ft total space (405 m²)
fiber_manual_record 2,250 sq ft total indoor space (210 m²)
fiber_manual_record 2,100 sq ft total outdoor space (195 m²)
fiber_manual_record 2 decks & 5 terraces
fiber_manual_record 4 en-suite bedrooms (8 people)
fiber_manual_record Water-studio. NL | Dutch architectural design
fiber_manual_record US Coast Guards safety and construction standards
fiber_manual_record ABYC recreational vessel standards design
fiber_manual_record 270 deg. panoramic views
fiber_manual_record Bureau Veritas certified hull
fiber_manual_record High grade insulation
fiber_manual_record AC healthy and soothing indoor climate
fiber_manual_record Energy Recovery Ventilation
fiber_manual_record 6 independent reverse AC zones
fiber_manual_record Floor to ceiling impact resistant bay windows
fiber_manual_record Smart house automation

1 ARKUP Location

881 NW 13th Ave, Miami, FL 33125, USA

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